Here at LaValley Farms, our chickens are more than just egg layers!  Our free range hens enjoy a cage free, barn free existence, all while helping to maintain our soil quality in our farm fields and help utilize all our crops.  

We currently have 2800 laying hens on the farm.  The hens live on our 60 acres of farm fields, at various locations throughout the season.  While we do have coops with laying boxes, our hens are outside almost all day.  The coops provide shelter from predators at night, but come morning time the hens leave to coop to spend the day foraging and roaming the fields.

Our chickens get moved from field to field all season.  This helps to fertilize our fields, as well as provide the hens with fresh green field areas regulary.  We also use our hens to glean a field when we are done harvesting.  For example, once our pea season is done, we will move the hens to the pea field and let them eat all the plants.  This is a great way to supplement their diet, all while helping to clean up our finished crops.

Our chickens diet varies as the season progresses.  In the spring, they consume a lot of grass, and bushy greenery.  Come summer harvest, we supplement their diet with our cull produce.  Much like all of us, they absolutely love the summer time produce!  From tomatoes to melons, our hens love it all!  In the fall, our hens eat a lot of our corn and pumpkins. We then transition them back to a mostly grain diet for the winter months.

Our free range eggs are available for sale at our Hooksett farmstand, but the majority of eggs produced by our hens are being served at Tucker's restaurant.  Thanks to their "Pledge for Eggcellence" we are able to continue to raise our chickens happy and free! 

Our "chicken train" can be seen in our fields all season.  These three coops provide shelter for the hens at night, and a safe place for them to lay eggs in the morning.

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