• the local loyalty program


How it works:
Purchase a Local Loyalty Program (LLP) share by June 30th (or until we sell out) and receive a debit card with the appropriate share value and bonus amount on it (refer to “share levels below).

Starting July 1st, use your LLP card on anything we sell at our farm stand in Hooksett and our cart in Manchester.  This allows you to choose what products you need, when you need them, and in quantities you can actually use! 

Share Levels:
$200 level: Purchase a $200 share and receive a LLP Debit Card with $225.  This is a 12.5% bonus!   If you only use your card once a week this amounts to $10 per week in fresh produce and all other goods we sell.

$300 level:  Purchase a $300 share and receive a LLP Debit Card with $345.  This is a 15% bonus!  If you only use your card once a week this amounts to $15 per week in fresh produce and all other goods we sell.

$400 level: Purchase a $400 share and receive a LLP Debit Card with $475. This is a 18.75% bonus! If you only use your card once a week this amounts to $20 per week in fresh produce and all other goods we sell.


  • Bonus Value: With each LLP card you receive an addition amount added to your card. (Refer to the “Levels” section for exact percentage of each bonus.)  This allows you to purchase more local produce and goods for less money.
  • Buy Anything*:  You can use your LLP Debit Card anytime of the day, as many times in a day, for any quantity, any product, and any amount!  No boxes, no specific pick up day!  This program is meant to make supporting local business easy!  *The only restriction to purchases is more LLP shares.
  • Helping the Farm:  By purchasing a share you are helping to fund the season’s startup cost for LaValley Farms.  Buying a share is directly supporting NH agriculture, and our family farm!  We are so honored to be able to continue to farm every season, and your early season support through the Local Loyalty Program is a huge help!


  • LLP shares are available to purchase through June 30st each year, or until all shares are sold.
  • The LLP shares are valid for use starting July 1st and expire Dec 31st each year. At the expiration date, if you still have a balance you will have the option to purchase another share and we can transfer your balance onto your new card. You cannot use the remaining balance to purchase the next share. Transferred balances are not available to use until July 1st, when that share becomes active. If you choose not to purchase a new share the next season, you will forfeit any remaining current Local Loyalty Program share balance. The cards expire and will not work after Dec 31st each year.
  • Other than using your LLP card to purchase another LLP share, there are no restrictions on what you can purchase with your Local Loyalty Program Debit Card.
  • We are not responsible for lost or stolen Local Loyalty Program Debit Cards. We do not have a way to look up lost card values.
  • Local Loyalty Program shares may be purchased with cash or credit card.  Sorry, no personal checks.
  • Local Loyalty Program shares are non-refundable.
  • A limited number of Local Loyalty Program Debit Cards are available for each season as we only need a certain amount of start-up funds each season.
  • NEW FOR 2017:  Due to agreements with our card processing company we are now required to have the physical card in order to use it.  This means you no longer will just be able to have your LLP card number.  Without the physical card, we will not be able to use it. Sorry, but it is out of our control!