Our produce is grown on 60 acres in Pembroke, Allenstown, and Hooksett.  We also partner with many other local farms to provide local meats, honey, milk, cheese, and much more!  Supporting our farm is supporting many farms! 

locally Grown

Our produce is picked fresh every single day!  One stop into our farmstand and you will be able to see the difference in our freshness!  Once home, you'll be able to taste the difference too!  Nothing's sweeter than an ear of corn picked fresh that morning! 

From our Farm to your Table

freshness & flavor

NH Grown since 2006

our community

Our Response to Coronavirus

As we approach our winter season, we are making changes inside our farmstand to help keep our employees and customers safe.

With our newly enclosed farmstand, we are now requiring customers to wear masks when shopping inside. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding in this matter.

Supporting our farm, supports our community!  We hire local help, partner with multiple food pantries in surrounding towns.  Our community has always been here for our farm, and we are so happy to help out where we can!  Through your support, our farm has grown to be about far more than produce! 

From our Family to yours

This is our 14th season, and we are humbled daily by the support from all our customers.  We are honored that you have chosen to shop at  our farmstand, and hope that you will forever know that without you, we would not be here.

Your support, year in and year out, allows us to continue to pursue our passion for farming and providing you with the freshest, healthiest produce we can!

Thank you for supporting local, thank you for supporting us.


Christopher and Danielle LaValley

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